30 years, 30 stories: Kim Douglas

24th June 2017

Education for Health is celebrating 30 years of improving the lives of people with long term conditions. We are marking this important milestone by sharing the stories of 30 people involved in our success, today it is the turn of Kim Douglas, of the George Coller Memorial Fund.

Kim Coller
Kim Douglas (second from left), Birmingham Museum and Town Hall.

“My son George endured so much in his short life with the constant trauma of coping with asthma, which continued to be misdiagnosed and therefore untreated. He sadly passed away in his sleep when he was just three years old when it all got too much for his little body. His death was a needless tragedy which could have easily have been avoided had he received the correct medical care.

“As I tried to come to terms with my son’s death and researched the condition in greater detail it became clear that something had to be done. It appeared to be a dangerously misunderstood and underfunded condition which was unacceptable to me as a mother.

“I set up the George Coller Memorial Fund with a wonderful team of trustees in 1999 with the aim to prevent other families suffering with this terrible and highly prevalent condition. The charity has continued to go from strength to strength and is dedicated to creating a brighter future for children with asthma.

“We all work very hard to raise money and it is a huge responsibility to all the generous donators that we spend it wisely and effectively, which is exactly what we have done working alongside Education for Health. Building our lifesaving eLearning package has not only been a wonderful opportunity for our charity it has also been an honour and a privilege to work with an organisation that has helped us to help thousands of children which is our ultimate goal.”

Working in conjunction with The George Coller Memorial Fund, Education for Health has developed the free online educational resource Supporting Children’s Health. The online resource provides basic information on how to support children and young people with asthma.