30 years, 30 stories: Anne Smith and Noel Baxter

12th June 2017

30 years logoEducation for Health is celebrating 30 years of improving the lives of people with long term conditions. We are marking this important milestone by sharing the stories of 30 people involved in our success, today it is the turn of Anne Smith and Noel Baxter on behalf of the Primary Care Respiratory Society (PCRS-UK).

“PCRS-UK wishes to congratulate Education for Health on celebrating 30 years of improving the lives of people with long term conditions.

“Primary Care Respiratory Society UK (PCRS-UK) like Education for Health, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The six founding GPs of PCRS-UK were brought together as the GPs in Asthma Group (GPIAG), through a shared vision of the role that general practice could and should be playing in driving improved respiratory care at a time when respiratory care was firmly in the hands of secondary care and when there was increasing concern about the under diagnosis and treatment of asthma in primary care.

teaching“In parallel to that the forerunner of Education for Health, the National Asthma Training Centre was also founded based on a highly synergistic vision of the role that practices nurses could be trained to undertake in asthma. The formation of Education for Health and PCRS-UK alongside each other was one of the greatest influences that led to profound innovation in the primary care management of respiratory disease and across the primary/secondary care interface in the last 30 years.

“Education for Health (and in particular its visionary CE, Mon Fletcher) has always been a strong ally for PCRS-UK and have been one of our most valued partners in our quest to put primary care on the map in respiratory care and to ensure the realities of grass roots primary care are not only heard but are also taken into account in policy and guideline development to drive improved care for those with respiratory disease.

“One of the greatest innovations, impacting the care of respiratory patients in the last 30 years has without doubt been the training and empowerment of practices nurses to play a lead role first in asthma, then through COPD more widely in respiratory care and other long term conditions. All credit should go to Education for Health for these achievements.”

Noel Baxter, Chair PCRS-UK Executive & Anne Smith Chief Executive, PCRS-UK

Although Education for Health began training asthma, we now have a wide range of courses across respiratory, cardiovascular, diabetes and more.

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