Specialist clinical support and development

To continue the success of your PCN, it is key that clinicians are supported to develop their skills and knowledge further. We offer academically accredited courses and short workshops to enable healthcare professionals to stay up to date and offer the very best patient care.

Our offering includes:

  • Spirometry

The NHS Long Term Plan sets out a number of roles for PCNs, one of which is interpreting spirometry. This course, which blends eLearning with two face to face study days, will equip healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform, record and interpret spirometry in adults. The course has been developed in line with ARTP standards, and provides practical support and problem solving to prepare you for assessment and entry onto the ARTP National Register.

  • Managing Heart Failure

Another focus of PCNs will be the management of heart failure in primary care. Our Level 5 and Level 6 accredited courses in Heart Failure are designed for healthcare professionals and cover multi-disciplinary approaches to care, consideration of the complexity of heart failure, prevention and service delivery strategies. These can be taken with or without assessment depending on the needs within your PCN.

  • Reducing Risk of Long Term Conditions

This course is aimed at those who have the opportunity to influence the health of not only individual patients, but also broader communities. Participants will gain the knowledge to support individuals in making healthy lifestyle choices in relation to long term conditions, as well as developing an in-depth understanding the impact of the social determinants of health, choice architecture and large scale behaviour change.

  • Complexity in Long term conditions/personalised care in long term conditions

Our Complexity in Long Term Conditions courses are ideal for any healthcare professional responsible for developing LTC care services within a PCN.

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