Debunking the myths: Respiratory health 2022

Debunking the myths: Respiratory health 2022

Debunking the myths of respiratory health

Today we’re launching our week-long campaign on respiratory health, where we’ll be focusing on debunking some myths around Asthma and COPD. Everyday we’ll be releasing a new video here on our website, where a member of our team will examine a common myth within respiratory health and shed some light on the real facts.

Through these bite-size videos we aim to share knowledge and tips linked to respiratory health and support health and care professionals to impact health outcomes. So now’s the time to test your knowledge; and feel free to share these videos with your patients as a tool to support them when managing their conditions and daily health..

Want to know more about our respiratory courses?

For over 30 years we’ve provided education and training courses focusing on respiratory conditions including asthma, COPD and spirometry. Our courses include higher education courses accredited by the University of Hertfordshire as well as short CPD accredited workshops. All of our courses are supported by clinical experts, are taught online and include interactive elements and opportunities to share best practice with your peers.

Upcoming courses:

Our other respiratory courses:

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Note: The Respiratory Health Debunking Myths campaign was created with health and care professionals in mind. All content was correct at the time of creation.