123 CVD Prevent – Supporting CVD Primary Prevention programmes

Cardio Blood pressure

Cardiovascular disease remains a major cause of death and morbidity in the UK, but its major causes – Atrial fibrillation (AF), high blood pressure and high cholesterol, can be detected through routine checks in primary care and community settings. The recent changes in QoF reflect this priority.

Education for Health can help

Education for Health has a range of tools, workshops, and training to enable you increase the uptake of these checks and manage those people already at risk.

We can help you at any stage of the process – from profiling your population and mapping your services and patient journeys, through to identifying and meeting the education needs of your team, to reporting on health outcomes and demonstrating the impact of any interventions.

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CVD profiling tool

Your plan to tackle the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease needs to start with a clear understanding of your practice population. Our CVD profiling tool does this at the touch of a button; it plugs into a general medical practice’s clinical system and provides live practice data instantly. A range of reports can be generated, and then repeated at later dates identifying those at high risk. This live information is an essential part of any review of services for people with or, at risk of heart disease.

Our CVD profiling tool works with your existing system without the requirement of loading additional software. The tool identifies those people who have or are ‘at risk’ in the three high risk categories (AF, high blood pressure & cholesterol) along with, age/gender/ethnicity, and attendance at previous health check. We run facilitated workshops to share best practice to help you identify simple actions to improve uptake based on the practice profiles.

Service mapping and redesign

This real time local data can be used to inform your service mapping and redesign. We have facilitated workshops on process and service mapping to help PCNs plan a service across primary and community care, identifying commonality, variation, gaps, links and overlap.

This is a live planning exercise led by facilitators with extensive experience of healthcare system management and primary care experience.

Health checks - invitations and follow ups

We can provide a workshop that helps practices/PCNs maximise the uptake of health check invitations, including the profiling of patients and targeting of invitations.

We can also assist with crucial follow ups, with a workshop that can help practices/PCNs improve the health outcomes following on from the health checks.

Workshops on specific cardiovascular topics

Our offering includes workshops in smoking cessation, weight management, hypertension, CVD prevention, and helping people through lifestyle change.

We also have workshops on Atrial Fibrillation and stroke prevention, a CVD workshop that covers primary-secondary prevention and management of AF and heart failure.

This includes a workshop that supports practices and PCNs in developing their skills in Heart Failure diagnosis and management around the six month review highlighted in NICE guidance, and in improving referral and uptake of cardiac rehabilitation.

Level 7 (MSc level) modules

Specialists looking for in-depth education could be supported by one of our Level 7 MSc modules, validated by the University of Hertfordshire.

This includes an Optimising Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke Management as a Long Term Condition Level 7 module. This new addition to our portfolio, delivered by eLearning with one study day, is ideal for health care practitioners working in service development around this area.

Why work with Education for Health?
  • We work flexibly.
    If our standard programmes aren’t quite right for you, we’re happy to find a tailored solution to tackle your primary care challenges.
  • We know Cardiovascular.
    Our training and academic courses are developed by clinical and educational specialists, who all have experience of working in cardiovascular care and are leaders in their field. They understand the challenges you face daily in practice, as well as being at the forefront of their subject areas.
  • We add value.
    Our profiling tools allow you to see the impact our
    programmes have on health outcomes in your area; enabling you to demonstrate and maximize the impact of your investment.
  • Our great track record.
    Over the last 32 years, we’ve trained thousands of healthcare professionals. Our courses and trainers are constantly positively evaluated, and our education and training participants report positive improvements in patient care.
  • Our focused approach.
    We’ve developed our tools and courses to ensure they are relevant to the needs of today’s healthcare professionals. We will help you deliver the NHSE CVD national prevention programme in your area with confidence that you will be making a difference to health outcomes.

Can’t see your needs listed? Contact us to discuss your specific goals and priorities around CVD prevention and we will help to build a tailored solution to your primary challenges.