BAME Webinars

BAME and COVID graphic
The first in a series of webinars about the challenges of Covid for people with BAME backgrounds took place on Monday 29th June.

Our BAME webinar, led by Krishna Sarda, has gone down extremely well and was full of great content.

View the review video of our live webinar: Covid 19 – Why does it affect people from BAME backgrounds so adversely?

Pics from BAME webinar

What a rich webinar that was yesterday evening


Krishna held everyone’s attention with a combination of real life stories, successes and learnings from working with multi-ethnic groups across the world and here in the UK; sharing insights and a genuine passion for engaging with communities. His key message was about building ongoing relationships rather than brief transactional ones; putting in effort to build trust is worth every in the longer term.

What did we explore?

We will be holding a further 6 sessions focusing on a range of issues such as the post Covid impact for people with diabetes & cultural competence.

More details will be posted here over the coming weeks.

For more information on our BAME webinars, please contact