21st December 2022


We are delighted to welcome you to your Spirometry Update programme.

What’s included in your programme?

Your programme consists of:

1. A pre-recorded lecture – You can work through this lecture at your own pace and in your time. You may decide to view the lecture in one sitting or you can review the lecture in 20 minute bite size chucks to help you manage your learning.
2. A knowledge check – Once you have reviewed the lecture, you can then test your knowledge through the knowledge check. Once you have successfully completed the knowledge check, you can then then download your certificate.
3. The latest spirometry literature and best practice documents – This is available to help you with your queries
4. AskSpiro – This is our new online Q&A support serviceWe know there may be a number of questions you may have in relation to delivering spirometry. At any time, you can click the below button and ask a Spirometry question via our website form. Our Spirometry experts will then send a response straight to your inbox within two working days.

Please note AskSpiro is designed to support you to deliver Spirometry. Therefore please ensure your queries are spirometry specific. If you have questions regarding your studies or access to learning materials then please contact our Learner Support Team using the ‘Contact Us’ option below.

Get started now…
So, as a first step click on the “Spirometry Update – Pre-recorded lecture” button below to work through your pre-recorded lecture, using the guidelines to support your learning. Once you have completed the pre-recorded lecture, you can then test your knowledge by accessing the knowledge check. Once you have completed this, take some time to review your answers and identify any further learning that you will need to undertake.

You have six months access to this programme, so you can refer to the pre-recorded lecture or guidelines or access to AskSpiro at any point and as many times as you would like during this period.