23rd June 2022

We are delighted to welcome you to your Spirometry Refresher programme. Your programme consists of a pre-recorded lecture, monthly tutorials and the ARTP assessment. You will also receive a monthly factsheet via your email and you also have access to the latest spirometry literature and best practice documents below to support your learning.

Once you are ready to undertake your ARTP assessment please complete the ARTP accreditation form. The ARTP will then contact you within four weeks of completing the form. Once you receive your log-in details to your assessment you will then have six months to complete the course. Please note the date of the six months for your ARTP assessment is independent to the six month date you have for the learning.

If you require any deferrals for your ARTP assessment you must contact the ARTP using the contact details you are provided with. So, start your spirometry journey by listening to the spirometry pre-recorded lecture.