An eLearning approach means we can update online materials rapidly so you access the most up to date clinical information, unlike traditional courses which can date quickly as new evidence emerges.

Read a sample of the feedback we’ve received from students who have already undertaken eLearning courses with Education for Health:

“I found the eLearning to be easily accessible and easy to use.”

“First time I’ve done eLearning – considering I’m old fashioned and like a book in front of me I have found it all a lot easier to navigate than I expected.”

“Found it useful for my way of working, especially as my progress was logged and I could dip into the resource as needed and time allowed.”

“The eLearning was well designed and fun.”

“I have not experienced eLearning before. But it’s much more enjoyable than getting a hard copy pack to read through.”

“The use of colour and changing from reading, to listening, to different voices reading passages, and also videos to watch, means that the material is not boring to work through.”

“Online makes it much easier to study as it means that you are not away from the day job too much and can choose when to study, the down side is that you have to motivate yourself. But not something I have found a problem with this course, as I have found it very interesting, just what I needed!”