Research is a key part of our charitable objectives:

  • to provide high quality education and training for healthcare professionals in order to improve patient care in Long Term Conditions
  • to strengthen and broaden our evidence base for education as a lever for service improvement.

Our high profile published research, creating impact across the world, includes:

  • European REALISE Asthma Survey identified that three quarters of the respondents in the UK view themselves as healthy and well, but in reality 41% are suffering from uncontrolled asthma and one in seven have ended up in A&E.
  • COPD Uncovered: an international survey on the impact of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) on a working age population – demonstrating that COPD has a considerable impact on the working age population.
  • Seasonal allergic rhinitis is associated with a detrimental impact on exam performance in UK teenagers, and suggests the timing of exams should change.
  • Shared decision making or paternalism in nursing consultations? A qualitative study of primary care asthma nurses’ views on sharing decisions with patients regarding inhaler device selection