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How will you diagnose, manage and support this case of severe asthma?

18th October 2017

In the latest REAL case study, 27 year old Katya has been seen and treated in the local A&E department 3 times over the last four weeks with cough, wheeze, tight chest and shortness of breath, most recently after going for a run...

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Emergency adrenaline auto-injectors now permitted in schools

3rd October 2017

From 1 October 2017, schools in England are allowed to purchase adrenaline auto-injector (AAI) devices without a prescription, for emergency use on children who are at risk of anaphylaxis but whose own device is not available or not working.

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New editor for Journal of General Practice Nursing

20th September 2017

Education for Health Education Lead Rhian Last is taking over editorship of the Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN).

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The purpose of a post asthma attack review and how this differs from a routine asthma review

12th September 2017

In the latest REAL case study, a follow up to an earlier case study on Paul, 15-year-old Paul had an asthma attack last Thursday, it is now Monday and he is attending for his post asthma attack review.

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Dr Linda Edwards joins Education for Health as its new Chief Executive

4th September 2017

Dr Linda Edwards has joined Education for Health as its new Chief Executive.

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New BTS survey reveals respiratory nurses feel they lack sufficient patient contact time

1st September 2017

A new study by the British Thoracic Society (BTS) has highlighted staffing issues in respiratory nursing teams across the NHS,…

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Adult personal asthma action plans in variety of languages

15th August 2017

GP Dr Robin Carr of Oxfordshire CCG has collaborated with Asthma UK to create written personal asthma action plans (PAAPs) into 11 non-English languages.

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Understanding current approaches to end of life care for patients with COPD

4th August 2017

In the latest REAL case study, Peter is 82 years old and has had COPD for 25 years. He is an ex-smoker and…

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Former Education for Health Trainer Awarded Queen’s Nurse Title

3rd August 2017

            Former Education for Health student and trainer, Wendy Bradford, has been awarded the prestigious…

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General Practice Nurses are central to plan to ensure NHS is fit for the future

2nd August 2017

A new 10 point action plan highlights the need to raise the profile of general practice nurses (GPNs) and recognise…

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Emergency dementia admissions are traumatic – do you have the skills for timely diagnosis?

25th July 2017

As the latest figures on dementia prevalence in England are published by NHS Digital, Education for Health’s Dementia Education Lead Rhian Last is urging practice nurses to support patients to avoid crises.

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Are you inspired to improve patient care with NIV?

20th July 2017

Improvement of care is at the heart of our Level 7 module in NIV and Respiratory Failure at Education for Health, with participants encouraged to critically evaluate existing practice...

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