Journal of General Practice NursingWe at Education for Health are delighted to have jointly launched the Journal of General Practice Nursing at this exciting time for all nurses working in primary and community care.

Primary care continues to be the bedrock of the NHS, with 90% of all contacts with the health service being in primary care. Despite access being under the scrutiny of all political parties leading up to the UK General Election, patients continue to rate the service they receive from GPs and nurses as extremely high.

While the contribution that general practice nurses (GPNs) make is phenomenal, their numbers remain fairly static. Many of us were the baby boomers of the profession, we saw general practice nursing grow from less than 200 GPNs across the country to where they are now. However, sadly, baby boomers grow up — well older — and in many parts of the country 25–30% of the workforce is over 55 years old.

So what does this mean? We need to utilise the experience of these nurses. We want them to become role models and mentors to grow, develop and motivate new nurses to take up the mantle and push the profession forward over the next 25 years.

New models of primary care will no doubt evolve and the roles of GPNs will change, but what will remain at the heart of what we do is the families and individuals we provide care for — be that in a disease-oriented or preventative manner. This new journal will provide the opportunity for you to exchange ideas and network, share thoughts and experiences and stimulate new ways of working.

The future of the GPN workforce is in all of our hands, and it feels that with clearer education and career pathways, well-informed commissioning and strong leadership we will continue to grow and build on our roots.

The Journal of General Practice Nursing covers stimulating and controversial issues, as well as a wide range of clinical updates. It is a journal for you all and we want it to be the journal that you turn to for news, education and inspiration.

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