We are a specialist provider of Long Term Conditions education and training courses, products and qualifications. This is delivered through our combination of:

  • eLearning
  • interactive facilitated study days
  • workshops which stimulate active, participatory learning
  • a range of products and resources designed to support your education and training experience
  • bespoke projects.

We adapt and deliver our training courses and programmes right across the world. Most of our training takes place in the UK and Ireland, as well as a partnership with Hong Kong Health Authority which brings groups of expert nurses to Warwick for highly skilled training and professional development.

We are keen to demonstrate that our education has a positive impact, and we are constantly revising how we evaluate and measure this.

We have produced robust research evidence to prove that our education and training can lead to:

  • measurable improvements in the quality of health services
  • an increase in the confidence and competence of health professionals
  • improvements in the health outcomes of patients with Long Term Conditions.