We are constantly acquiring new knowledge which we seek to share to benefit others. With our Clinical academic staff active on more than 37 advisory boards, working groups and improvement projects, we are working to raise the education agenda and to influence and anticipate changes in patient care.

Our focus on this activity has allowed us to influence at a national and international level key NHS reports, policy, recommendations and NICE Guidance. For examples of some of the Boards and activities we are involved in, visit our Partnership pages.

Each piece of advocacy activity undertaken by Education for Health is judged on its ability to achieve the following aims:

  • Disseminate clinical guidelines
  • Develop workforce/ clinical competencies
  • Raise awareness of Long Term Conditions (LTCs)
  • Promote/ influence/ lobby for CPD
  • Promote research based practice
  • Consult, develop and deliver evidence-based LTC education sustainably.

If you believe you are engaged in work which meets some or all of these aims and would like to get us involved, then please contact our Chief Executive on 01926 836841 or Contact us.