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Aspire to Inspire

Level: Workshop

Duration: 2 Days

This course is for anyone involved in teaching in a health care setting who wants to be more effective in educating others and helping people to learn and understand. This course will help you understand how adults learn, as well as exploring different attitudes and motivation for learning.  You will develop the skills to find the best way of helping a wide range of people to make the most of their learning experience.  It will help you understand more about your teaching style and personal strengths, focussing on facilitation skills and learning styles.  You will be given the opportunity to try out different techniques and new approaches to teaching, receiving one to one feedback from experienced facilitators.  In this way you will develop the skills necessary to ensure that the education you deliver will become a lever for service improvement.

"Several of my team attended the Aspire to Inspire course to help them with their day to day roles. All had identified needs to become more skilled in presenting and facilitating. The feedback was fantastic, with practically all  of them saying it was the most useful and relevant course they had attended whilst being with the organisation. I would definitely recommend it – I have a happier and above all more skilled team members."Shirley Hall, Head of Community Development, British Heart Foundation

Delivery method: Interactive Study Days

Assessment method: No assessment - informal lectures and interactive sessions

Price: £300.00

Course Information Sheet: Download PDF


  • Start date 05 November 2015
    First study day 05 November 2015
    Second study day 06 November 2015
    Location Warwick
    Postcode CV34 4AB

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