I’ve had the best working year of my whole career. The project has been very well received and all involved have been so enthusiastic. We still have lots to do to change attitudes but I believe that if all we have done is raise the profile of COPD, and made HPs think more about the disease, then we have achieved a lot.

Run a Course

We make it easy for you to organise healthcare training in your area

Good quality healthcare training is a key element in making progress to improve patient care, keep your staff up to date with disease management, and help your staff with their CPD and achieve your CCG objectives. If you are looking to provide relevant, up-to-date, detailed healthcare training, Education for Health is your natural choice. We offer three pathways to achieve your degree/diploma which are flexible and adaptable to learning needs.

We make it easy for you to commission and run courses for your staff:

All degree, diploma and workshops are delivered locally to you, drawing on our national network of over 80 trainers

By minimising travel time, we ensure greater training uptake and best use of time

We consult with you and then tailor courses to your particular needs

We advise you on commissioning the right course at the appropriate level by helping you to match it to your training needs analysis

All our courses are right up-to-date, reflecting current primary healthcare practice

All courses are designed to satisfy relevant quality standards, national guidelines and legislation

We offer courses across the UK and Ireland, aimed at meeting the specific needs of Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Health Boards, Managed Clinical Networks, acute care and other organisations.  

To book a course or for further information email us or phone Nina on 07794 433896

Guide to running a course

These guides include the administration process, facilities and equipment required for the interactive study days.

Guide to running a course: Equipment and Venue Requirements

Guide to running a course: Administration Process

To assess the course levels are appropriate for your staff in relation to the national qualification framework view the training needs document or email us to discuss your needs or phone Nina on 07794 433896 or Elisabeth on 01926 836999.

To find out what 'level 5' (Higher Education level 2), 'level 6' (Higher Education level 3) and 'level 7' (Higher Education 'M' level) refer to, visit our Education & Training section.

View our Third Party Agreement relating to the provision of education and training courses.  And, check out the IT System Requirements in order to access all of our eLearning materials.

How we can help you promote your course

Our course information sheets can be adapted for distribution with dates and venue information for the study days. We can also advertise the course on our website to assist in promoting the course should this be required.

Broader range of education programmes and training

Now that Education for Health and Respiratory Education UK are part of an umbrella organisation, the Education for Health Group, we can offer a broader range of education programmes and training to both our existing audiences and those who are new to us.

To commission any course across the Education for Health and Respiratory Education UK portfolio, including bespoke, designed specifically to meet your needs, please contact the appropriate person:

Education for Health:
Nina Rawstrone, Tel: 07794 433896 or email: n.rawstrone@educationforhealth.org
Elisabeth Barbosa, Tel: 01926 836999 or email: e.barbosa@educationforhealth.org

Respiratory Education UK:
Gill Butler, Tel: 0151 529 6254 or email: gill.butler@respiratoryeduk.com

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