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The nature of our work means we are constantly developing knowledge which we seek to share to benefit others. Over the last 12 months we have accepted invitations to advise on the following topics:

  • Developing and disseminating clinical guidelines
  • Developing clinical competencies
  • Developing and engaging with clinical protocols
  • Awareness-raising of long term conditions across care communities
  • Promoting, influencing and lobbying for continuing professional development
  • Promoting research-based practice
  • Consulting, developing and delivering sustainable evidence-based education about long term conditions.

If you are involved in charitable or professional projects which could benefit from our expertise, please contact Monica Fletcher, CEO, on 01926 836841 or Contact us.

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Monica Fletcher, Chief Executive teaching Bangladeshi nurses how to use a peak flow meter

Bangladeshi Asthma Course Students with Education for Health Trainer David Bellamy in October 2009


Nurses at the launch of the Bangladeshi Asthma Diploma Course in May 2009

Monica Fletcher and Minister of Bangladesh

Monica Fletcher, Chief Executive with Health Minister of Bangladesh, Prof AFM Ruhal Haque who in July 2011 endorsed our Better Breathing Bangladesh project


Monica Fletcher, Chief Executive facilitating a Bangladeshi Asthma Course

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