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Welcome to Education for Health, the world's leading charity to focus on the education of health professionals as a key factor in improving patient health and quality of life. Our mission is to take action, educate people and transform lives worldwide.

In January 2015, Respiratory Education UK joined with Education for Health under the umbrella organisation, the Education for Health Group.

Taking action

Education for Health were the first to promote the role of practice nursing and to provide high quality education to enable practice nurses to extend their roles. This innovative spirit continues to inform all of our activities, ensuring that we continue to provide high quality health professional education and training, right across the world:

  • We advocate the importance of continuous professional education in raising quality standards and in sustaining a world class health service
  • As more services shift into primary care, we continue to expand our health and social care training to the whole multidisciplinary team.  We make it easy for you to organise healthcare training in your area, go to Run a Course page
  • We work hard to anticipate the needs of an evolving primary health and social care workforce. We are creating a growing portfolio of disease prevention, risk management and health improvement training courses
  • We work in partnership with individuals, other charities and professional associations to improve patient care
  • We invest in research, helping to create a growing body of evidence for the role of health professional education as a lever for service improvement
  • We are expert in developing educational events, materials and digital content which motivates and inspires adult learners to improve their care of patients
  • We work collaboratively to develop innovative ways to disseminate research and to encourage guidelines-based care
  • We reach out to work with people in a number of different ways; there are opportunities for people to work with us and become an employee, a trainer, a marker or a volunteer at Education for Health.

Educating people

We are a specialist provider of pioneering cardiovascular and respiratory education and training courses, products and qualifications. This is delivered through our unique combination of:

  • distance and blended learning
  • interactive face-to-face study days
  • workshops which stimulate active, participatory learning
  • a range of products that are designed to support your education and training experience.

We adapt and deliver our training courses and programmes right across the world, providing training in over 47 countries. We are currently delivering training in countries as diverse as Denmark, Bermuda, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.*

We are unique in producing robust research evidence to prove that our education and training can lead to:

  • measurable improvements in the quality of health services
  • an increase in the confidence and competence of health professionals
  • improvements in the health outcomes of patients with long term conditions.

Transforming lives

Education for Health:

  • Provide a great learning experience
  • Create an infectious positivity amongst its students
  • Develop our students' belief that they can make a difference
  • Willingly and enthusiastically shares our knowledge and experience with any individual, group or organisation across the globe where doing so aims to materially and substantially benefit patient care.

It is in all the ways we work together that we have the most impact and succeed in transforming lives.

*National Respiratory Training Center (NRTC) in the USA was the sister organisation of Education for Health in the UK.  It trained allied health professionals throughout the US to improve the care of patients with respiratory and allergic disease.  As an independent, nonprofit organization, its training programs promoted use of practice guidelines, empowering allied health professionals to take an active role within their practice. The NRTC has now transferred operations to the UK. For enquiries, contact +44 (0)1926 493313 or use our Contact Us form.

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