Managing a New Disease in a patient with COPD

19 March 2012

New Case Study on our REAL website

Managing a New Disease in a patient with COPD

Patients with COPD are at risk of several other co-morbidities such as coronary heart disease, heart failure and diabetes.  A significant smoking history may go some way to explaining this.  It is extremely important, then, that nurses who are seeing patients with COPD keep an open mind to possible alternative diagnoses at all times.  

We are therefore pleased to add this important case study to our website.  Harry has symptoms which are suggestive of COPD but the vigilance of the nurse means that Harry has further investigations which show us that the story was incomplete. By working through Harry’s consultations we aim to highlight the importance of assessing patients with respiratory symptoms holistically and involving the wider multidisciplinary team in the diagnosis and care.

To work through the case study click here.


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